About Calton

We appreciate your interest in learning more about Calton Properties and hope you find what you're looking for and ideally find a community you can proudly call your home.  Calton Properties has over 37 years of experience owning and managing various types of multi-family properties, but with an emphasis in Apartment Buildings.  Calton is a closely held, private, company that has had the discipline and expertise to manage growth cautiously to avoid overextension of its resources, both financial and human. 

We take a refreshingly unique approach to ownership of our properties.  We are in an era where most apartment complexes are owned by either large Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), where the actual owners are anonymous and scattered throughout the country or owned by white collar professionals, such as Doctors or Attorneys that hire management companies to operate the complexes.  Either approach leads to "hands off" ownership groups that are involved only when the profits fall, not on an ongoing basis to ensure that the experience of tenants is a positive one.  We, on the other hand, are family owned and very active in the day to day operations of our communities; we ensure our properties are always looking their best, are able to decide on and coordinate improvement projects quickly, and handle tenant issues immediately with the long term best interest of the community in mind; in fact, you can find the owners personal phone numbers at every property to resolve issues!  Now that's service!

Apartment buildings aren't just an investment to us; they are what we do and what we do best!  We'd love to have you tour one of our buildings as we are confident that you'll find them to meet your expectations not only today, but everyday.